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Update January 18 th 2022

HI everyone:   So here we are January 18th, and we are still struggling to make the right decision for our students regarding reopening.  We have continued conversations with other studio owners and we are consistently following the updates provided by the government regarding safe operations in the presence of covid conditions.   We would like to be certain that schools have made a safe return before allowing our preschoolers  and school age children to return to class. We have, therefore decided that on Monday, January 24th. classes will resume for students 18 years and up.   We would like to remind everyone of the safety protocols for a safe return.
  1. Masks are required both in the common areas and in class.
  2. Social distancing will be strictly enforced.  No physical contact in class.
  Further protocol will be announced when the studio resumes full schedule.     The following is a list of the classes which will begin on Monday, January 24th. 2022 Ropewalk Lane Tuesday 5:00  Advanced Ballet – Mara Tuesday 6:15 Advanced Jazz – Laura Tuesday 6:30 Advanced Jazz – Mara Tuesday 8:00 Advanced Ballet – Mara Tuesday 7:30 Advanced Tap – Laura Tuesday 8:15 Advanced Jazz – Laura   Wednesday 6:15 Advanced Ballet – Mara Wednesday 7:30 Adult Jazz – Mara Wednesday 7:45 Advanced Contemporary – Stephanie Wednesday 7:45 Advanced I Syllabus – Janine   Thursday 6:45 Advanced Jazz – Mara Thursday 6:45 Advanced Ballet – Janine Thursday 8:15 Advanced Jazz – Shawna       Torbay Road Monday 3:30 Advanced I Syllabus – Vanessa Monday 5:45 Advanced Ballet – Kristen Monday 6:00 Advanced Contemporary – Vanessa Monday 7:00 Advanced Acro – Quinn Monday 7:00 Advanced Jazz – Vanessa Monday 8:30 Advanced Contemporary- Vanessa   Wednesday 6:00 Advanced Jazz – Laura Wednesday 8:45 Advanced Tap – Laura   Thursday 6:45 Advanced Contemporary – Vanessa Thursday 7:45 Advanced Ballet – Vanessa     On Thursday, January 27th. we will email you to confirm a reopening to our full schedule.   As always Thank  You for your continued understanding and support.   Regards TDC

Important Update January 2022

HI Everyone:   We would like to wish you all a  Happy New Year filled with good health and recovery from this current pandemic. We sincerely hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season with your family.     Over the past few days we have been consulting with other studio owners regarding the current covid 19 numbers.   We are very concerned by the continued daily increase in case counts. The vast majority of teachers at this zoom meeting agreed that with the health risk to students it would be  advisable to delay opening for one week until Wednesday,January 12th.  Throughout this week we will continue to listen closely to updates by public health. On Monday, January 10th. Dr. Fitzgerald will make an announcement regarding the alert level status.  Following this update studio owners will meet again to decide the best course of action going forward.  We will email you on Tuesday, January 11th. in hopes of reopening on Wednesday, January 12th.   Classes missed will be made up before the conclusion of the spring term.   We want to reassure you that we are working  diligently to secure a prompt and yet safe return to classes.  We sincerely hope this will not be a prolonged closure.  We are aware that dance, as a physical activity, is becoming increasingly more important for the mental health and well- being  of our students.   We hope to see you all very soon.     Regards TDC

Remembrance Day

Please note that our Toddler Time class at 11 am is cancelled on Thursday November 11th . All later afternoon and evening classes will be going ahead as scheduled .  

Online Registration

In order to facilitate a schedule and to ensure class space for you or your child, we ask that you click on the following link to access our online registration form. Please complete and submit.


The Dance Centre will continue to follow the current COVID guidelines unless otherwise advised by Public Health.

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We look forward to seeing everyone in September!!!