General Information

– Please inform us if a student has a medical condition of which we should be made aware: i.e., diabetes, allergies, etc.
– Please bring all valuables into the studio with you: i.e., money, jewelry.
– We ask that students please label your shoes and boots so as not to get them mixed up with someone else’s.
– The studio cannot be responsible for the loss or stolen items.
– We reserve the right to cancel classes with small numbers.
– Chewing gum is not permitted in class


Missed Attendance

Should a student miss a class due to personal reasons:

If there is a comparable class available, the student may attend within that specific term. Please check with your teacher for an appropriate time.

Regular attendance is important for the student’s progress and the progress of the class. We understand that from time to time a class may be missed, but students who miss excessive amounts of time may be asked to withdraw from the class for the benefit of the other students. Please note – in order to participate in the recital, students must have attended at least 80% of their classes during the year.



A student who arrives after warm-up may be asked to sit and observe the class. Participation without proper warm-up may result in injury.


Storm Closure

If a class in cancelled due to weather conditions, classes will not be rescheduled. Students may request a make-up class if an appropriate level is available. As recital time approaches, extra classes are scheduled at no extra charge to the students, so any missed classes are indeed made up.
Please call the studio or check the website as a message will be posted.


Important Dates

The school will be closed for the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving – October 9, 2023
  • Christmas Break – Dates to be announced
  • Good Friday – March 29, 2024

The school will be open for all other holidays.

Recital Dates 2024 – To be announced


Dance Attire

We wish to instill in our students the importance of proper dance attire and grooming as an essential aspect of the discipline of dance. We would greatly appreciate the co-operation of parents to assist us in this matter.
– Black Leotard preferred (or dark in color)
– Ballet Pink Tights
– Pink Ballet Slippers
Jazz and/or Tap
– Any color or style dancewear permitted, including stretch pants or tights, leotard/unitard, t-shirts/tank top, leg warmers
– Jazz Shoes or Ballet Slippers
– Tap Shoes
Street clothing will not be tolerated in dance classes. Students will not be permitted to attend classes unless proper dancewear as listed above is worn.
Hair must be worn in a neat fashion off the face and neck. Intermediate/advanced students must wear hair fastened securely in a bun or similar style.
There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons for this. Body alignment is critical in dance, and the teacher must be able to see the line of the student’s body from the neck down. Hair on the neck can prevent this.