About Us

The Dance Centre opened its doors in the Fall of 1988. Having developed their professional reputations, the directors were anxious to develop a studio setting which balanced artistic development and a fun learning atmosphere. For 35 years, the studio has grown into one of the leading dance education facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador. We are pleased to boast that we have trained thousands of dancers from the tiniest tots to professional levels. Many of our students have been with us since our inception and we are now proudly accepting their children to build The Dance Centre of the future.

Since dance and music are such integral parts of our culture, we feel providing a dance education to children can be a rewarding and enriching experience. Dance training enhances creative skills, music appreciation, coordination, posture, and overall physical and psychological development. The self-confidence such training provides will last a lifetime.

The experienced artistic faculty, younger enthusiastic teachers, and apprentices of The Dance Centre are working closely to continually develop the best programming in an ever-changing artistic field. Through continued training and development, The Dance Centre continues to provide the best in dance and remains on the cutting edge.

The Dance Centre is located at 117 Ropewalk Lane, St. John’s.