Classes Offered

Parent and Tot

Parent and Tot is an exciting program for you and your child to enjoy together. A thirty minute class leading two years olds into the world of Ballet.



A freestyle class based upon the Cecchetti method, focusing on technique while developing grace, elegance and poise.



An extension in the training of Ballet for the more developed and experienced student with the physical capability and strength required to support the body in pointe shoes.


Cecchetti Syllabus

A program which offers the more serious student the ability to gain a sense of achievement through the completion of Ballet examinations in association with the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (London, England). Admission to this program is by invitation only.



A fun-filled class for those who would like to learn contemporary dance movement and it is an excellent form of exercise. Accompanied by today’s most popular music, you will kick, leap, turn and have a good time while developing the technique of this form of dance.


Acro Jazz

A combination of Jazz and Gymnastics instructed by a qualified dance teacher and a gymnastics coach. This program combines two forms of movement popular with all children.



An excellent dance form for the student who wishes to develop rhythm and coordination through various combinations of footwork. Tap incorporates a wide variety of dance and music styles.


Hip Hop

A one hour class focusing on the popular, urban, youth culture of dance, originating on the street, that provides a funkier edge to the basic style of dance.



This class is a combination of technique, focusing on jumps and turns, and choreography. It is freestyle in nature and emphasizes musicality and story-telling through dance.


Broadway Dance

This genre will develop the choreographic diversity, characterization and high kicking energy dancers will need to interpret the most popular Broadway shows.


Irish Step Dancing

A lively and energetic dance style that follows the rhythms of traditional Irish music. Instruction will begin with an introduction to “soft shoe” or light dancing which features high kicks, lots of hopping and intricate and precise footwork.